While our jewelry last longer than traditional jewelry, there are a few things to keep in mind.

General rule of thumb: All pieces are waterproof, but be mindful of scratches. Refrain from contact with hard and rough surfaces. For this reason, we don’t recommend wearing rings, necklace, and bracelets in the shower daily (too much inadvertent contact with loofahs and/or physical exfoliants).

Hand Sanitizer: Yes
Daily Handwashing: Yes
Shower: Mostly yes
Pool: Yes
Saunas: Occasional*
Ocean: Occasional*
Hot Yoga and Gym: No*
*Not tested thoroughly or high exposure to rough contact


How to clean my jewelry?
Rinse with water and a bit of dish soap. Gently pat jewelry dry with a soft clean cloth. Do not use chemical jewelry cleaning clothes. Do not polish. 

Will your jewelry fade?
With normal wear, your jewelry will never completely fade and lose its gold or rose gold treatment. However, depending on wear and activities, it could eventually turn from a 14k yellow gold or rose gold color to a lighter 10k gold or rose gold color. White gold will never lose its color because the base metal is sterling silver. 

Will your jewelry turn my skin green?
No, never. Our jewelry doesn't contain any materials that will cause reactions that turn your skin gray or green.